My grandma isn't interested in learning how to use her iPhone. So, instead, I send her old-fashioned photo prints.

Now you can too! To your grandma, not mine, duh.

Connected lonely

Many of us feel isolated and lonely these days, especially those who are apart from family and friends. Those who struggle most with loneliness are also the most vulnerable during the pandemic. Photos can help!

A weekly photo delivery gives grandma something to look forward to, reminding her that we're thinking of her.

How It Works

We send your printed photos to your favorite relative each week. The photos come from your shared cloud album, like the iCloud one you use with your tech-savvy family.

no new apps

iCloud photo sharing is already built into your iPhone. Using a shared iCloud Album is fast, easy and secure.


Our app won't have access to all of your photos, only photos that you specifically drop into the shared iCloud album.

Curate for Grandma

You're in control of which photos you add to the shared iCloud album. If you change your mind, you can delete photos from the album without deleting it from your phone.

Weekly Photo Drop

We process photo shipments once a week. We'll email a reminder you the day before. If there are more photos than your plan covers, we'll use the most recent.

Full Credit to You

With each photo delivery, we include a printed card with your name on it so Grandma knows who to thank for making her week!

ship anywhere in the u.s.

We'll deliver photos anywhere in the United States, bringing your family closer together every week nomatter how far apart you are.

Deliver weekly smiles

Each week we'll automatically print and mail photos directly to your loved one. Earn favorite grandchild status in no time!

Get started

Start your monthly subscription today, and we'll process the first batch of photos within a week. Cancel any time -- no long term commitments. Photos ship weekly!

Brownie Points


✔ Weekly delivery
✔ 1 Photo per week
✔ Satisfaction Guarantee

3x the love


✔ Weekly delivery
✔ 3 Photos per week
✔ Satisfaction Guarantee

#1 Grandkid


✔ Weekly delivery
✔ 10 Photos per week
✔ Satisfaction Guarantee

100% satisfaction guarantee

We take grandma's happiness very seriously. If she doesn't love the photos, cancel within the first month for a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I subscribe?
A: To put a smile on Grandma's face! These days it's tough to spend enough time with family, so this is a way to stay connected.

Q: Can I send to Grandpa?
A: Yes, you can send photos to anyone who'd appreciate them.

Q: Which photos from my feed will you print?
A: We print the most recent photos at the time of processing. Organize your iCloud share to curate which exact photos you want Grandma to receive.

Q: What size photos will be sent?
A: We default to 4" x 5.3", so your digital photos print with no cropping. 4" x 6" with auto-cropping is also available (just email us).

Q: How's the quality?
A: It's good! Print quality is mostly driven by the quality of the images you upload. Avoid uploading cropped/zoomed photos and you'll be in great shape. Printing is done by a large, nationwide company.

Q: Where can I send photos?
A: Anywhere in the United States.

Q: Do I get a warning before weekly processing?
A: Yes, we'll email you the day before as a reminder.

Q: Can I ship to more than one address?
A: Coming soon!

Q: How does the subscription work?
A: Once you subscribe, we'll keep sending weekly photos until you cancel. Cancel any time.

OK, I'm Ready!

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